1. Why should I get a used laptop?

Because it's the most cost-effective solution to your computing needs!

Used laptops offer much the same value as new ones for significantly less the price. You pay less to get the same or even more power.

So if getting the most out of your budget is your goal, then used laptops will very much help you attain just that.


2. Why should I get a used laptop from you?

Because we don't just offer used laptops, we offer pre-loved ones.

That is, we offer laptops that had been taken care of greatly both by the first-user and our team.

We promise not only fully-working devices, but cosmetically-appealing ones too.


3. What condition are your laptops in?

All our laptops are Grade A.

That means they display very little signs of usage, if at all.


4. How will I receive my laptop?

With care!

Your laptop will be packaged securely before it is sent off to our dedicated courier. Covered with bubble wrap to protect against scratches, and within a bag to be kept safely.


5. I just placed an order, how long until I receive it?
It takes us on average 2 days to deliver your order.

Although it's not uncommon for us to deliver just after one day, so please spare some availability within the 2 days after your purchase.


6. Can I get a discount?

Most definitely!

Anyone who's purchasing more than one laptop or had purchased from us in the past is eligible for a discount. Simply put: the more you buy, the more you save.

Kindly reach out to us via care@laptopbrokers.ae to discuss how much discount you're eligible to claim.


7. What's covered under warranty?

All physical components are covered.

Generally, we cover any problem that impedes with the laptop's functionality, so long as it is not directly caused by the user or by force majeure.

Please see here for more information about our warranty service.


8. I am not in love with my order, can I get a return? 
One or two specs missing you didn't know you need? Thought you could run that really awesome game for your son, but only found out you needed this graphics card over that? Didn't think a 15 inch was that big, or a 12 inch that small (at least so you're not used to?)

We get it! Mistakes happen, especially if you're not adept with computers — let alone shopping for them.

In case there's been a mismatch between your needs and our product, we can grant you a return.

Better yet — now with a greater understanding of your needs — perhaps we can better serve your needs with an exchange.

Please note: If you your package is on the way, you must wait for it to arrive and return it before receiving a refund.

9. What about an exchange?

That too.

We can get that missing specification you just found out you need. That more appropriate graphics card for your son's game. That optimal screen size you're comfortable working with.

Perhaps we can even save you some money — if it turns out this lower-priced laptop fits your needs just as well.

10. The delivery address I've entered is incorrect. How may I correct it?
If you have miss spelled or auto-filled in an incorrect address, kindly notify us via email at care@laptopbrokers.ae. If the given address is wrong we can change the address to the correct one within 24 hours. No refund will be given after the 24 hours of incorrect submission.

11. I have concerns that haven't been addressed. Can you please help me?


When in need of further guidance, please don't hesitate to reach us at care@laptopbrokers.ae so we can help you with your concerns.