Warranty Service

We believe you deserve peace of mind in making your next long-term investment. That's why we guarantee our laptops meet the utmost standards and are fully functional.


     1. What's covered under warranty?

         1.1. Keyboard Problems

         1.2. Monitor Problems

         1.3. Disk Failure

         1.4. RAM Failure

         1.5. Faulty Display

         1.6. Faulty USB Ports

         1.7. Faulty Fans

These are the common issues we cover. Generally, we cover any problem that impedes with the laptop's functionality, so long as it is not directly caused by the user or by force majeure. For more details on what's NOT covered, please continue reading below. 


     2. What's NOT covered?

         2.1. Damage caused by force majeure

         2.2. Damage caused by natural disasters (such as lightning strikes, etc.)

         2.3. Damage caused by improper operation by the user (such as water entering the machine) or damage caused by improper storage

         2.4. The laptop hardware is burned out, there are burnt marks or broken feet on the circuit control board, the interface is broken, the needle is broken, or an obvious physical difference from the original product is observable.

         2.5. Consumables and vulnerable accessories (such as a keyboard, charger, AC adapter, mouse, cooling fan, camera, etc.)

         2.6. Damage caused by unstable voltage or voltage exceeding the computer standard voltage

         2.7. Compatibility issues caused by other hardware

         2.8. Assembly and disassembly of the laptop without our Company's consent

         2.9. Laptop passing normal tests


       3. How long do you have me covered?

Typically 1 month. The only time this isn't the case is when we EXPLICITLY mention warranty duration is longer (or shorter) within the pertinent product page. Please read carefully.