Old, But Gold: Apple MacBook A1342 for Bargain-Hunters and Those on a Budget

Old, But Gold: Apple MacBook A1342 for Bargain-Hunters and Those on a Budget

Old, But Gold: Apple MacBook A1342 for Bargain-Hunters and Those on a Budget

Regular price Dhs. 600.00 Sale price Dhs. 500.00

Buying a laptop doesn't have to cause a dent to your pocket. Buying a good one doesn't have to fully empty it.

The Apple MacBook A1342 is both economically-friendly and practical for a broad range of uses.

Although a bit of age, it's FAR from outdated.

The Apple A1342 has that aesthetically-appealing white chassis body characteristic of any MacBook and decent specifications good for everyday uses (e.g. internet browsing, document processing, and online meetings).

‣ Model: Apple MacBook A1342
‣ Condition: Professionally-Tested Grade A (Minimum Signs of Usage)
‣ Charger: Included

‣ Processor: Intel® Core 2 Duo @ 2.40 GHz
‣ Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 320M 256MB
‣ Storage Space: 250GB HDD / 256GB SSD (+100 AED)
‣ RAM: 4GB / 8GB (+120 AED)
‣ Screen Size: 13.3 inches
‣ Resolution: (1280 x 800p ) Retina Display
‣ Weight: 2.13 kg / 4.7 lbs

‣ Warranty: 3 Months
‣ Delivery: FREE OF CHARGE (for serviceable area; outside main city regions additional charges apply)
‣ Delivery Time: 1-3 Days

‣ 4GB to 8GB RAM (+120 AED)

‣ 250GB HDD to 128GB SSD (+75 AED)
‣ 250GB HDD to 256GB SSD (+100 AED)

Why go for an upgrade?

To FUTURE-PROOF your laptop.

What's a few dhs here vs. another 500 AED+ in the future if you can get all that you need right here, right now, and at a CHEAPER price?

An SSD upgrade will make your Macbook:
1. Run faster (upto 10x as much!) and more smoothly than a conventional hard drive.

2. It also speeds up updates significantly - you know, for times your laptop automatically updates without you expecting beforehand.

3. Perhaps most importantly, an SSD will allow you to upgrade your Macbook to newer versions of MacOS and as such keep your device more secure and unlock certain enhancement features (e.g. Siri Voice Assistant).


There's a reason why the MacBook A1342 has a 59% 5-star rating on Amazon (from total of 170 customers).


Because although it's old, its benefits amount to quite that of gold.

The condition of the Apple A1342 itself is of the highest quality standard for a used laptop: Grade A.

That means, even though it's used, the signs of usage are very small - if it isn't LIKE NEW altogether.

For only AED 500, the MacBook A1342 sure is a money well-spent - especially on an Apple laptop.


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Very good

Satisfied. The main thing is their customer service.. it's Rich.

Shahir Sha
Very good

Good product . It Worths.
Good customer service..
I totally satisfied ..

Neelam Pariyar
Apple Mac Book A1342

For me, I loved it.If someone is looking to save money with good processing quality of your device then I would surely recommend you to go for it. i had purchased about 14 days ago and I am very satisfied.

Sangeeth Vijayan
Good Quality

Good service

Mohammed Alhosani

Its classic look and work so good 👌🏻 I like it its like new 2021 laptops and I highly recommend it

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