On a budget? Here's to get the MOST out of it!

On a budget? Here's to get the MOST out of it!

On a budget? Here's to get the MOST out of it!

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The Latitude E6430 is among the highest class of productivity-focused laptops in that it combines the clean design of Dell's business series with aluminum durability and strong performance.

Its very CPU: a Core i7 processor is nothing short of a beast that will make daily tasks a breeze.

The Dell E6430 has 8GB of RAM that for optimal multitasking capabilities, with 500GB hard drive (HDD) for sufficient storage.

If you're more into speed, then an upgrade to an SSD is possible. Not only will an SSD make your Dell E6430 SIGNIFICANTLY faster (upto 5x as much!), but also keep your data more secure as SSDs are less prone to corruption and generally even have longer lifespans due to the absence of mechanical parts present in the traditional hard drive.

‣ Model:  Dell Latitude E6430
‣ Condition:  Professionally-Tested Grade A (Minimum Signs of Usage)
‣ Operating System:  Windows 10 Pro, Lifetime
‣ Charger:  Included

‣ Processor:  Intel® Core™ i7 3rd Generation
‣ Processor Series:  Ultra-low power processor (for maximum battery and efficient energy use)
‣ SSD: 256GB SSD
‣ RAM:  8GB
‣ Screen Size:  14 inches
‣ Display Resolution:  1366x768 pixels
‣ Photo:  0.9MP 16:9 (1280x720)
‣ Video:  720p 16:9 30fps w/ 60 Hz flicker reduction
‣ Weight:  2.1 kg / 4.63 lbs

‣ Warranty:  3 Months
‣ Delivery:  FREE OF CHARGE (for serviceable area; outside main city regions additional charges apply)
‣ Delivery Time:  1-3 Days

The Dell Latitude E6430 is perfect for anyone who needs a fast, portable, durable, and no-nonsense machine.

If you need a laptop that gets work done and offers the benefits of prime specifications (such as a Core i7 processor), then the Dell E6430 is sure to get you just that — all without breaking the bank.

ORDER NOW to get the most out of your budget!

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On a budget? Here's to get the MOST out of it!

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